Our Story


Well working in the industry, yet at a different company, our founder realized that there was an on-going problem in the transportation industry, that problem being inconsistent customer service. He set out to start a company that could offer fair prices, but more importantly put the client first. Our model allows for our clients to have a dedicated sales rep that is directly accessible for them when needed, on top of that we also commit a customer service team that can offer additional services, at no additional charge, as frequently as our clients would like.




Who We Are


We are a dedicated, customer driven group of individuals who have a passion for transport and customer service. Contender Logistics has quickly adapted to the fast-paced environment that goes along with being in the transportation industry. We cover all major hubs across North America and are able to accommodate most locations in between. 


Customer service is our main priority, our model puts you first and makes sure you will never be left in the dark if there is a bump in the road. We ensure that your shipment arrives on time, every time, at a fair rate. Simply reach out through email or give us a call and one of our sales reps will be in touch the same day. 



Our Future


Contender is committed to continue to increase our coverage for lanes throughout North America, and offer more specialized services moving forward.


Not wanting to decline on what has got us to where we are, we will stick with the model that allows for dedicated sales reps to be the main point of contact for clients with supporting members there to help as well.