Standard Terms & Conditions of Service

Acceptance of these terms, by way of shipping goods, will constitute an agreement between Contender Logistics LTD “Contender” and the “customer” company or person who owns and/or is the shipper of the freight relating to this communication “Carrier” represents contracted company undertaking physical transportation of freight. It is acknowledged that these conditions will apply to all shipments arranged by Contender for Customer. 

A) Rates are expressed in CAD unless otherwise indicated. Payable 14 days from invoice date unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. Overdue invoices are subject to 2 % interest per month. 

B) Customer is responsible for extra charges resulting from inaccurate weight, measurement or product description/classification. 

C) For purposes of waiting time, 20 minutes is free for load/unload (LTL), 2 hours is free for for load/unload (FTL) excess time is billed at $75.00/Hour thereafter. 

D) Contender has the ability to charge a fee of $150 for trucks ordered but not used, this fee may also be applicable to orders cancelled less than 24 hours before the scheduled pick-up. 

E) Standard transportation services are from a business to business with docks at both the pick-up and delivery locations. Any other services including but not limited to appointments, lift-gates, driver assist, residential or farm pick-ups and deliveries, 

F) Hazardous materials, inside deliveries etc. are subject to accessorial charges. 

G) In order to ensure proper billing the customer will ensure that “third party bill to Contender” is added to the bill of lading when requested and is given to the driver at pickup.

H) Contender does not guarantee equipment availability. 

I) Pickup and delivery times are not guaranteed unless in writing; the time sensitive nature of the freight must also be written on the bill of lading including disclosure of the consequences of a later delivery. Contender cannot accept liability for delays or losses beyond it’s direct and reasonable control. 

J) Customer acknowledges that then insertion of Contenders name on shipping documents of any kind does not represent or imply it is acting in the capacity of a carrier. 

K) Customer is obligated to pay Contender for transportation services and payment to any other party does not alleviate customer of balances owed to Contender.